TV is Still King of Video Advertising

As the end of the second quarter fast approaches, you may be researching where to spend your adverting dollars for the rest of 2017. Many small businesses and start-ups are utilizing short video advertisements to reach their target audience. With the rapid growth and popularity of social media platforms, Apps and streaming video on demand websites you may draw a conclusion that no one watches TV anymore.

While alternate viewing platforms are on the rise, Television’s reach remains at the top. Per a recent 33-page report by the Video Advertising Bureau (VAB), Television reaches 226 Million people monthly – unparalleled by any other medium. The VAB reports viewing on TV is up 2.4 million – exceeding all Other video viewing platforms. Even though digital use is up, Television is still king, commanding 89% of total video time among P18+). Among key advertiser targets P18-49 (82%) and P25-54 (85%), 8 out of 10 viewing minutes are spent with the television. Even among the elusive Millennials, more than three-quarters of their total video time is spent in front of the TV screen (72% among P18-24 and 78% among P25-34).

The report found that:

• TV commands majority of consumer’s video time across the age spectrum and across all ethnicities.

• ‘Live TV’ comprises bulk of TV viewing, even among young adults, P18-24, which spend 84% of their viewing with ‘Live’ TV

• 89% of P18+ video time is spent with the TV screen; 76% of millennial’s

• Across all ethnicities, TV governs majority of viewer’s video time – more than 80%

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